Tangy Spreadable Cashew Cheese

Spreadable Cashew Cheese

You guys! I’ve been tinkering with different vegan cheese recipes for a good two years now (there have been many mishaps), so I’m thrilled to share with you one that is finally what I imagined it to be.

Somewhere between cream cheese and semi-melted cheddar, this tangy spreadable cashew cheese is just too good to stop eating. I can’t really describe its tastiness in terms of a specific other cheese, because, well, I can’t remember any more what they taste like. But it does really remind me of something – maybe you can tell me what when you try it?

Spreadable Cashew Cheese

But I can tell you that this cheese is:

  • creamy;
  • tangy;
  • piquant;
  • cheesy;
  • thick; and
  • rich and almost fancy-cheese in flavour.

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Shiitake Bacon

shiitake bacon 1

Four ingredients, 20 minutes, and a whole lot of intense flavour: Shiitake Bacon is the salty, crispy, easy-to-make plant-based meat replacement you didn’t even know you needed. But once you try it, trust me, there’ll be no going back.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Tempeh Bacon (and its tofu equivalent), but when I heard a rumour of shiitake bacon being a thing, I wanted to see how my marinade recipe worked on mushrooms. Let’s just say, since the first time I tried it, we’ve been eating shiitake bacon about twice a week (and that’s me holding back!) Continue reading

Puy Lentil One-Pot with Sausages

Puy Lentil One-Pot 1

It’s been a little quiet around here, so apologies for the radio silence (or sizzle, in the case of recipes). You see, I’ve been off on a quest of sorts – not so much finding myself, but making plans for what it is I’m doing. Laying what will hopefully be some exciting foundations for change.

In  any case, I hope this delicious lentil one-pot will make up for my absence. It’s the simple, fuss-free, quick and very tasty meal that you need when time (or inclination) is short; but you don’t want to compromise on what goes on your plate. Although simple, this recipe still manages to pack in a hearty helping of Mediterranean flavour, and peppery lentil goodness. Continue reading

Savoury Granola

Savoury Granola 1

Are you a savoury-snack fiend, too? I often find myself rustling around in the cupboards for something to nibble on, but can never quite put my finger on what it is exactly I think I’m going to find.

Yes, I love olives, hummus, nuts and all the other usual suspects, but I’ve had a nagging feeling for absolutely ages that I could come up with something different. Something that’s healthy, yet hits all the savoury notes, and can be eaten in lots of different ways.

And then I hit on the idea of Savoury Granola! Continue reading