Vegan Blue Cheese Dip

Vegan Blue Cheese Dip

It’s certainly getting festive, isn’t it? With Thanksgiving weekend already in full swing in the States – happy holidays to my American readers! – and Christmas preparations underway all over the UK, my mind has firmly set its path on celebration recipes.

So this Vegan Blue Cheese Dip is a little step in the direction of party season. It’s one of my favourite easy-to-make additions to a snack platter when we have friends round for dinner, drinks, board games and catching up. It’s great with crisps and raw veggies, and just delicious drizzled over sweet potato fries!

And it really is so easy to make, with only a handful of store cupboard ingredients. Oh, and it’s ready in under five minutes. Shouldn’t all party food be this simple?

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Sweet Potato Popcorn Pie

Sweet Potato Popcorn PieSweet Potato Popcorn Pie

Well doesn’t this look like a seriously intriguing cake? I’ve been so looking forward to sharing this one with you all, but I wanted to bring it in all its seasonal, festive glory – and Bonfire Night here in the UK seems perfect.

But before I tell you just how deliciously wondrous this pie is, a warning: if you’re a traditional sweet potato pie connoisseur, this does not play by the rules. Because I don’t really know what the rules are, and I haven’t actually looked at a recipe for a sweet potato pie …

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Black Bean Chocolate Chilli Stuffed Pumpkins

Black Bean Chocolate Chilli Stuffed PumpkinsBlack Bean Chocolate Chilli Stuffed Pumpkins

You should know by now that I’m a woman of my word, so when I promised you a heap of ways to cook with pumpkins, I wasn’t kidding.

This recipe for Black Bean Chocolate Chilli Stuffed Pumpkins (phew, that’s a mouthful) is going to make your Halloween/Day of the Dead/Bonfire Night celebrations delicious! If you haven’t tried cooking with chocolate in savoury dishes yet, this is your chance. It might sound odd – but it works. In this chilli, the dark chocolate adds just a hint of sweet cocoa flavour, and gives it all a wonderful gloss.

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Pumpkin Tarka Dhal

Pumpkin Tarka DhalOctober: Month of the Dead

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know that I made the decision to fully celebrate the glory that is October, and make it a full month (at least) of Halloween. So it was fortuitous I remembered just in time that I wasn’t alone in this idea, and had been on a fantastic walk around London’s hidden graveyards a couple of years ago; organised under the banner of London Month of the Dead. How brilliant is that?

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Rustic White Bean and Bacon Soup (Vegan)

Rustic White Bean and Bacon Soup

Do you find lots of your memories, and associations, belong to a particular time of the year; or even an entire season?

Last week, we were enjoying a Saturday evening pub discussion against the unlikely-for-us backdrop of a football match (England might have been playing, who knows – we were probably the only people in the room not looking the big screen directly in the eye), and the conversation settled on what our weekends were made of when we were kids.

I realised that Saturdays, and particularly those in the last quarter of the year, lay claim to a definite majority of my thoughts.

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